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For Part 141, you are required to have 35 hours minimum and 5 hours of solo flight. Average flight time costs are $190/hour. You are eligible for $2,457 performance refund discounts on ground instruction and airplanes. You can attend classes at CCAC on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings for $100 per credit/hour in-county and $200 per credit/hour out-of-county. Free tutoring is offered through CCAC. Supplemental instruction is available at PFTC for $50/hour. All 141 students must have their medicals and proof of citizenship (or TSA approval) before beginning flight training. Flight training MUST begin when the semester begins. 141 students can book up to 3 reoccurring reservations a week. Students must follow the syllabus to obtain their Associates Degree and/or Pilot Certificate. 

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For Part 61, you are required to have 40 hours minimum and 10 hours of solo flight. Average flight time costs are $210/hour. Part 61 is mostly self-study, supplemented with one-on-one instruction at PFTC. Ground instruction is $50/hour with one of our instructors. Medical is not required until solo flight. Proof of citizenship (or TSA approval) is required before the second flight. Flight training may begin at any time and scheduling is completely up to the student. Students may deviate from the syllabus as needed, although we typically follow the same syllabus to acquire a Pilot Certificate. 

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A biennial flight review (BFR) is required of pilots to maintain currency within a 24 month period. It is required regardless of hours or age. A medical certificate is required to complete a BFR at PFTC. It must be at least one hour flight and one hour ground, but may be longer based on the instructor’s discretion. We schedule a four hour block for BFRs. It can be on two separate days, but must be completed by same instructor!  Here are some links to help your BFR go as smoothly as possible!

PFTC Accelerated Program Coming Soon!

Give us a call if you would be interested in this program!

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